02 hours 21 minutes


Santhanam, a biscuit factory worker helmed by Anandharaj, takes up a job at an old age home as a night caretaker for extra money. He meets Dr.Meera , a visiting doc there.
Santhanam is mischievous and playful and this upsets Meera but she realises that Santhanam is a good soul..But the elders at the old age home are happy after he joins work and engages them to the fullest…They are extremely fond of him.
One occupant at the old age home is Sowkar janaki . Sowcar janaki ma’m tells stories to Santhanam as she feels that he is her grandson.
He realises that Sowcar Janaki ma’m is his good luck charm…Suddenly Sowcar Janaki madam go missing and Santhanam is in a fix.
At once he searches for Sowcar Janaki madam and finds her and the beautiful equation between them goes to the next level. Meera too falls in love with him. There is Rohini another love interest for Santhanam, daughter of Anandharaj…Eventually a anti social group forces people in the home for the aged to leave the place but Santhanam rescues them in a heroic way using his brain and brawn.
Santhanam rises high in life with elements of love, magic, action and eventually a sense of fulfilment and happiness..

Cast and Crew:

Star Cast: Santhanam, Tara Alisha, Swathi Muppla, Aadukalam Naren, Sowcar Janaki, Anandraj, Nankadavul Rajendran

Writer, Producer & Directed by R. Kannan

Music Composer: Radhan

DOP: Shanmuga Sundaram

Editor: RK Selva Stunt: Hari Dinesh

Art Director: Rajkumar

Associate: MKRP Production

Banner: Masala Pix

Audio Label: Think Music

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