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This story is about two friends Keshav and Pushkar who became friends in medical college after coming to the city. Both Pushkar and Keshav have taken admission to medical college just to fulfill their families’ dreams but they do not have any interest in pursuing the degree. According to them, whosoever is admitted to the hospital is being troubled by the doctors and the entire system so both decide to do the treatment of patients in their own way. Keshav and Pushkar create complete chaos in the hospital and meanwhile become friends with one of their patients named Ravi Patil. The college authorities get very annoyed by Keshav and Pushkar’s notorious behavior.

The Dean of the college is extremely strict and disciplined in contrary to Keshav and Pushkar. Meanwhile, the girl who Pushkar is in love with gets Pushkar caught cheating and she turns out to be the daughter of the college’s dean. Keshav and Pushkar decide to teach her and the dean a lesson but in between their friend, Ravi Patil’s health becomes serious. So, let’s see if both these notorious doctors will take their revenge.

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