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Women empowerment is one of the most talked about issues in the world and  ‘Sita On The Road’ captures the journey of five women, who come from different backgrounds, and how they come together to share joy and true happiness. It’s a light hearted film, yet it has an intense message for all those in the quest of soul searching and redefining moments.

Drawing an analogy between Sita in Ramayana and modern young women, “Sita had to jump into the fire to prove her chastity in Ramayana. On a similar note, women in the contemporary society too have to face certain obstacles and constantly prove their mettle.”

The film is essentially about FIVE WOMEN coming from different social environments and their challenges in the urban and rural societies. In the process of dealing their challenges, they look for freedom from the reality created by their circumstances and happen to take an unknown journey. In the journey they experience a re -connection with their child like nature and find their inner self while travelling along the beautiful country side of south India away from the materialistic world

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